Java / Bedrock

About NoMercyMC

NoMercyMC is a brutal survival server, aiming to provide the barebones hardcore-survival experience. You join with no items and are set out on a journey to explore the world. Form a team or join an already established one, or heck even go solo.

The main highlight of the server is that you are allowed to kill and raid whoever you want, being the main appeal of NoMercyMC.

So be sure when building a house or base that you hide it well.

Our Main Rules

No Cheating using Hacked Clients

This includes but limited to using hack/cheat clients, x-ray texture packs, exploiting glitches. Zero tick farms are an exception to this and are allowed.

No Bug Exploitation

Using Minecraft glitches to your advantage (or any other reason) is strictly bannable.
Example: Item duplication.

No Intentional Lag Causing

If it's found that you're intentionally trying to lag the server, you will be banned.

Use common sense

If you come onto the server be sure to use common sense and check all the in game rules by doing /rules they are also listed in the rules section in discord.

Vote For NoMercyMC

TIP: You can use the Middle Mouse Button to open each site in a new tab.

Voting Rewards

Every 24 hours you can vote for us on each of our 4 listings. To reward people for supporting the server by voting, there are several chance based lucky prizes you can win by voting.

Reward Image Reward Name Reward Type Reward Requirement
reward img 8x Steak Per Vote You get this every time you vote.
reward img 24x Xp Bottles Per Vote You get this every time you vote.
reward img Drop party at /spawn VoteParty This event occurs every 30 votes.
reward img A sethome voucher Milestone 50 Votes
reward img Elytra Milestone 100 Votes
reward img A sethome voucher Milestone 250 Votes
reward img 1x Golden Apple Cumulative Every 5 Votes
reward img 16x Gunpowder Cumulative Every 20 Votes
reward img 2x Ghast Tear Cumulative Every 30 Votes
reward img 5x Golden Apple Cumulative Every 50 Votes
reward img 1x Totem Cumulative Every 75 Votes
reward img 1x Trident Cumulative Every 100 Votes
reward img 10x Apples Chance Based 10% chance
reward img 2x Golden Apples Chance Based 5% chance
reward img 4x Enderpearls Chance Based 4% chance
reward img 2x Diamonds Chance Based 3% chance
reward img 1x Wither Skull Chance Based 1% chance
reward img 1x Ender Chest Chance Based 1% chance
reward img 20x Emeralds Chance Based 1% chance